Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Old Order Church

The old church sits on the corner of Red River-West Grove and Hog Path Roads. The German Baptist Old Order Church has been there all of my life. On Sundays the parking lot is full of buggies with horses tied up to hitching posts.

 My friend and I got out of the car walking around the church taking pictures. True Amish and Old Orders do not allow their pictures to be taken or painted. Even their dolls are faceless. So taking pictures of the church was very special. It was the past.

The women sit on one side of the church, the men on the other. Two separate doors are used. It is the way of it.

An old outhouse sits outback. No modernization in the old church where women in bonnets and men in black coats and pants pray to the Lord.

The church is lovely in its simplicity. We stood in the parking lot trying to visualize horses tied up next to us.

A look at another time in my own backyard.

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