Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pie R 2

A crumbly topping over a layer of dark karo syrup. Mom could make a perfect Shoo Fly Pie. Not many people I know have tasted the  delicious pie. It seems to be a culinary delight that has disappeared along with hand-cranked ice cream and butterscotch pudding.

Whenever the Loxley girls visited the farm, Mom made our favorite pies. Recipes handed down from mother to mother made their way into our kitchen. She could whip up a pie in no time at all....and we could eat one up just as quickly.

Dad would take a slice of the pie in one hand and his cup of coffee in the other. The combination was wonderful. The top layer of the pie is similar to coffee cake. Oh, where has the original pie gone?

Before I drove from Indiana to Ohio, my sister and I talked about Mom's Shoo Fly Pie. I was still whining about it when I got to my cousin Sue's house. She suggested that perhaps her neighbor make one for me. And, indeed, she did. She hadn't made one before but promised to try her hand at it.

I packed up my suitcase and pie and headed back to Indiana. I couldn't wait for June to see that I had a Shoo Fly Pie. As I crawled out of the car, June came out of the house. We both had Shoo Fly Pies in hand. The Loxley girls had their fill of two differently made yummy pies....just not quite the same as Mom's.

Ah, the flavor of home. Flavor captured in Shoo Fly Pie.

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