Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rainbow Across the Floor

The sun laid claim to the window, and rainbows laid upon the carpet bejeweling it.

My sister, June, is a very talented woman. Over the years she has created leaded windows. A family of ducks sits in my granddaughter's window. A montage of color hangs in the window of my son's home. Windows that are family treasures.

Over the last few years, June and some friends have begun buying old leaded window and repairing them. They are preserving a history, a memory of old buildings no longer standing. The windows are lovely. When visiting, I found their windows in all of the homes of their friends.

Windows are sold and more rainbows visit more homes. I like to think that my sister and her friends are giving rainbow blessings to those who love their windows.

I sat in the chair watching the light dance through the leaded window along the side of the room. Everyone should have dancing rainbows.

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