Friday, August 19, 2011

Reserved for Adults

The park sign said "Reserved for Private Party". We tried to go the public park several times over the summer but were always met with the same sign. It was camp time.

Rivendale Park is a special park designed for special needs children. Swings are enlarged chairs. Ramps are all wide for wheelchairs. Slides are enlarged; the stairs are wide and railed. A large glider sits to the back where everyone can rock together. I think I enjoy the park as much as the children.

The sign said it was closed, but I had seen cars leaving as well as a bus. It was the end of the day. We drove past the sign where we found the park deserted. Gabby danced and cartwheeled across the synthetic floor. Sydney found a quiet place to lay back and enjoy the day. I sat in an oversize swing remembering.

No longer do the playgrounds have merry-go-round and teeter totters. Evidently children can be hurt or killed on them. I'm amazed we didn't lose more of us over my childhood as we spun the merry-go-round as fast as we could and banged one another's backside to the ground on a board. I sat there remembering other days on the school yard at Franklin School. Most of all I thought of the farm back the lane.

The old rope swing hung on a low limb. Dad notched a small board for the seat. The Loxley girls and neighborhood kids swung on the swing from our earliest days until the board seemed too small to accommodate the growing child. The knot was tied beneath the seat to make the swing higher as the legs grew longer. Sometimes the swing seat was shared with the swing in the haymow. Sometimes a seat wore out and a new one was made.

I sat observing my granddaughters on this wonderful playground and thought......"One should be made for adults".

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