Thursday, September 22, 2011

Looking Through the Pane

Windows. They let in light. They allow mom's to check on her kids. Unaware birds can be observed through them. They enhance the ambiance of church service. Window go hand in hand with memories.

Today I was going through my pictures loading them onto CD's. I noticed how many pictures of windows were amongst the photos. With each window came a memory. Last year for Christmas I decided to take pictures of James and Lisa's new 'old ' house. Windows on an old house giving new views.

On the trip back to Ohio and Indiana in July, old windows brought back memories from the past. A new appreciation for what was part of my past. The Old Order Church with it's heavy shuttered windows. Windows shutting out a more modern world that surrounded the old church. The stained glass windows in Memorial Hall.

I was there the day they began tearing down my old high school. I had one last glance at the windows on the room where my writing began. A room with windows on my future.

When my grandfather's house was torn down, my aunt and uncle recovered some of the panes from the French doors that opened from the dining room into the living room. Doors that were often closed when my grandmother was ill. Doors that were always open when the family gathered for Christmas. Panes of glass that saw a family grow. Saw my father go from boy to man.

Barn windows. The historic barn in Indiana. A family working to save the round barn. My grandfather's barn, a historic barn as well. My father's barn, with a 'first of it's kind' roof. Barns. The smell, the history, the windows looking out over the rich soil of the fields.

The window sills were wide. A great place to play with small toys, a place to read a book, a place to watch for an expected guest. The wind and rain pelted the windows. Snow and frost clung to them. And, in the summer, a warm summer breeze teased the curtains.

Windows. Those overlooking Neff Road.

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