Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Old Lock

How is it that you can live in a house your entire life and not take time to ask about it? Well, that's what has happened to me. I want to know the history of the house. I want to know what it was like when Mom and Dad moved in. I want to know why we had antique locks on our bedroom door. And, did we have the locks on all of the doors? I don't remember.

I took a picture of the door knob when I was in Ohio visiting the house back the lane. I wanted a picture of the old porcelain knob. Last night I was lying in bed thinking, which is not uncommon. For some reason my mind focused in on the old door knob. I remembered that the door knob was placed in an old lock mechanism. I never saw any keys for the locks. I never knew anyone to lock the doors. But why did the doors have locks? Hm.

I'm sure my sisters will hold conversation regarding the old locks. In fact, they might have some light to shed on the matter. I don't remember my grandparents having such locks on their inside doors. I don't remember my friends having such locks.

It is rather amazing the things that randomly pop into your mind while you look at the back of your eyelids. Darn. Why didn't I ask the questions long ago?

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