Thursday, September 1, 2011

Remember Me?

The email began, "I don't know if you remember me?" It is one of many I have received from those people who think that perhaps I don't remember them or times spent together somewhere along my sixty-four years.

Well, yes, I do remember. Some would say that I remember better than most. I would say that each moment of my life has been an adventure well worth remembering. Those from Franklin Monroe, Painter Creek Church, Arcanum, Greenville, Gettysburg, Sugar Grove Camp, Gordon, Pitsburg and all of the places in between, should know that these columns I write are about that journey you. A journey from childhood to these perfect years. I may be on the other side of these United States, but my roots are still in Darke County.

You are the people who saw our family through illness, through joy, through hard work on a farm on Neff Road. You are the people I danced with a sock hops, and, maybe gave a kiss or two. You are the people who were in the youth group, in 4-H. You are the people my parents knew who became my friends, too. You are the people I laughed with and sometimes joined a few tears. You are the store owners I always knew would be there when I shopped in your stores. You are those who cut my hair, who took my picture, who served our community. Many of you are people I didn't know but perhaps you were one of those who said 'hi' to me when passing on Main Street. You are the once kids who drove around the circle ending up at Big Boy. You are the classmates who have always stayed in my heart. You are the neighbors and relatives I love dearly.

Do I remember you? Oh, yes, and am thrilled that you care enough to write. You know why? Because you remember me.

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