Friday, September 23, 2011

Weather Witch

It hung on the wall in the kitchen. Most people wouldn't have noticed it. I remember it well. Maybe it was because I was a little kid. The weather witch hung on the wall.

There is sat right in front of me. A memory. A forgotten remnant. A piece of the house back the lane. My sister had found it at the auction in Shipshewana. She didn't remember the one on the farm. Maybe it came reside there after she was off to college.

The Weather Witch consists of a little wooden house rather like the cuckoo clock fronted with a Scandinavian chalet. A small thermometer sits on the front between two open doors. A woman stands on a small piece of wood in one door. A man in black stands on the other end. When the weather is good, the woman pops out of the house. If bad weather is in the air, the man in black appears. Our weather witch on the farm had two small children in one door and a witch in the other.

We found a Weather Witch when I was visiting in July. Like ours on the farm, it was made in West Germany by a company named BAMBI. Gabby is our resident Weather Witch watcher reminding me of myself so many years ago.

A piece of my past came home with me all new to another generation. We can hardly wait for bad weather so we can see the man in black.

The Weather Witch.

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