Friday, September 30, 2011


With October here, I decided to look up some fun facts. Today it's all about places that are haunted in Darke County and surrounding areas. These facts are all taken from online sites at:;; 

The Bradford Sanitorium was built in the late 1920's and burned down in 1935. I'm not sure if there is anything to haunt now if it burned down. Hm. Some rumors say that it was a boarding house and not a sanitorium. Frankly, I'm too young to remember.

Bear's Mill is said to have a ghost of an old farmer who might be Major George Adams who was awarded the land in 1832 by President Monroe or maybe Gabriel Baer who built the Mill in 1849. Whoever it is, his footsteps creak on the old wooden floorboards on the upper levels. Bet he's tired.

Evidently Memorial Hall is haunted by a ghost. An old custodian fell to his death while changing a light bulb in the ceiling of the main theatre. I can vouch that the ceiling is quite high. I just looked at it in July. Don't know when it happened. Maybe he was trying to blow out a lamp.

On West Water Street a boulder is said to have a Native American girl buried beneath it. She supposedly had been assaulted by soldiers from Ft. Greenville and has lingered around since. It is also rumored that a woman visits another home on Water Street. Water Street is a busy area.

Cromer Cemetery in Gettysburg: a shadowy figures roams the cemetery. I have relatives there. I wonder.....

It seems that on McMecham Road, the homes are built over old burial grounds. I don't think I need to say more.

We'll never know if the claim is true that Franklin Monroe High School (torn down this year) had some strange occurrences. A mysterious piano player. Footsteps in the band room and on stage. I was in a couple of plays on that stage. Never heard a thing....not even applause.

One site has the Jamison Farm haunted by Aunt Ella. Evidently, she rocks in her chair. The shutters on the house seem to open and close randomly. Who finds out this stuff anyway?!

It is all fascinating this idea that ghosts are still roaming around Darke County. It seems to me that no one ever sees ghosts in miniskirts or love beads. Maybe somewhere along the way it got easier to move on.

Fall. More than colorful leaves and changing weather.

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