Thursday, September 15, 2011

Your Own Neff Road

"Where the heck is Neff Road? I found this blog and have no idea what this woman is writing about."

I'm sure this comment has crossed the mind of one or more people searching the internet for a subject that has lead them to my blog. The state or country of you the reader is tracked by my blog. I have no other information than location. I cannot find out who you are only what part of the world you live in. I'm always surprised when I have a reader from the UK or Malaysia or Australia or Russia. I learn the names of towns and villages I didn't know existed. I find an audience beyond Neff Road.

I'm sure when they find my sites that they are confused. Where is Neff Road? Who cares about Neff Road? Well, I've learned lessons during my blogging life. I've learned that Neff Road is not just a place in Darke County, Ohio, USA. I've learned that everyone has their own 'Neff Road' and that many are similar to mine. The names and locations might be different, but the history, the family life, the memories are often shared by those beyond that place back the lane.

I guess to some degree I have found the blog making the world a little smaller for me. A place that was mysterious and far away when I was a child is now just a click away on the computer. I have found that I have a connection with many who don't even know me, but who have lived on their own 'Neff Road'.

What is Neff Road? It is a place where our roots were planted. It is a place of memories. It is a glimpse of history that was not just mine. Neff Road is a scrapbook that we all have only our pictures and memories are different.

For me, Neff Road has taken me closer to a united world....and always home to house back the lane.

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