Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Driveway

So I crawled into my friend's car yesterday. "Guess what I found?" she said handing me a bag of Jacks.

I gave the game to my friend several years ago after a conversation in which we both said how much we loved to play Jacks as kids. Then, she misplaced them. Personally, I think it was on purpose. Now I'm not so sure how long I can sit on the floor to play the game with my sixty-two-year old friend.

"Brings back memories of Brenda and I playing Jacks in their driveway," I said just before imaginary light bulb went on above my head.

I'd never thought about it before. I knew it, just didn't think about it. We played on the cement in front of the garage. Not many people on Neff Road had a cement drive into their garages. Brenda and I were lucky they had one so we could draw with chalk Hop Scotch squares and bounce the ball for a game of Jacks.

It wasn't much of a discovery I made yesterday, but it takes me back remembering the changes that took place during that time. Bathrooms went from out back to inside. Roads were paved. Cabinets were built in. Not major events, but each a progression into the future.

A small bag of ten jacks and a little red ball took me back to two small girls grabbing at jacks before the little ball bounced back to the cement driveway. A place of good memories.


Barbara McDowell Whitt said...

"A place of good memories" - for sure, Pamela. Your post motivated me to go to Wikipedia to recall some of the versions of jacks we used to play at school recesses.

It is wonderful that you are writing a book about your time on Neff Road.

Pamela Loxley Drake said...

Thanks, Barbara. If you were here, I'd challenge you to a game of Jacks! I only played on version. Are there others?

Barbara McDowell Whitt said...

The versions I remember are going from one to ten while keeping the picked up jacks in the same hand as the ball; putting the jacks in the opposite hand before the ball comes back down; and sliding the jacks under our cupped opposite hand before the ball comes back down. In the last two versions we caught the ball with our empty hand.

Pamela Loxley Drake said...

Barbara, we played the first. I think it my responsibility to try the others:)