Friday, October 28, 2011

From the Hands of the Women I Love

From the hands of the women I love came pieces of art and timeless treasures. I am surrounded by these pieces never forgetting the days I received them and never forgetting those who created them.

Mom was never without her crocheting in her hands. She sat for hours making baby clothing and hats. She always had a gift for a new baby or newlyweds.

Cousin Betty Johnson crocheted doilies as had my grandmother, mother and aunt. My Aunt Welma Johnson tatted around handkerchiefs.

A quilt made by my grandmother sits in my bedroom.

My sister and I embroidered as did most of the women in our family. In the 60's it came in very handy.

My cousin Alma Lea paints incredible pieces of art. My sister, June, creates with leaded glass.

Stacey, my daughter, knits. From hats to stuffed toys, her art fills our home with delight.

I have a chest full of pieces of the handiwork of people I know and those I do not know that have been handed down.  Pieces of art made by the hands of the women I love.

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