Thursday, October 13, 2011

In the Headlines

Standing in her kitchen posed for The Daily Advocate, Mom was enjoying the spotlight. I came across the old newspaper clipping today. The article came out in 1994.

Few were the times our family had holidays together. Still their children knew that their parents would be with others who considered them 'Mom and Dad'. Mom loved company and rarely was her kitchen free of visitors.

She always wanted a large kitchen. Our little kitchen with the old sink, stove and refrigerator had only a cupboard for storage. The table took up most of the room. Mother dreamed of a remodeled kitchen where she could cook for an army. Here she stands in her new kitchen with built in cabinets and window on two walls.

Home Extension Service was a blessing for Mom. She loved what she learned and what she could teach. How often we had heard her say, "I have Extension today".

I think Dad enjoyed the new kitchen as much as did Mom. He sat at the window on a bar stool watching the fields and his birds. Sometimes they both would sit there eating lunch, a far cry from the old kitchen they shared with their children. This was their kitchen. Their children had not been children there.

The kitchen is a gathering place for family and friends. Mom's kitchen was for her family, those related and those not. This article meant a great deal to Mom. I remember receiving the article in the fact, I think I received two or three of them. She deserved to be recognized.

The farmer learned to cook with his wife in her new kitchen. They puttered around one another, Dad predicting her next move. Over time he came up with his own recipes.

A porch was another of Mom's dreams. A porch that wrapped around the east side of the house. The original porch did eventually expand and was screened in, but the wrap around never happened. The old house has been remodeled. Now a small porch sits on the east side of the house. I smile thinking how happy Mom would be that the porch was finally finished.

In the headlines......

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