Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just Good Cents

1944 Postage Rates

First Class letters cost the sender exactly 3¢ an ounce (sealed or not sealed). Special delivery over 2 lbs., not exceeding 10 lbs., was all of 25¢. Newspapers and periodicals sent by the public could go for 1¢ per ounce.

I'm always amazed when I see old postcards with old 1¢ stamps on them. Of course, a penny meant more back then. I remember shining copper pennies on the living room rug, precious pennies. One  could buy a piece of penny candy or a stamp. Along with the cent sign disappearing from the keyboard, the penny has lost its worth.

I'd like to get more mileage out of a penny. Used to be that a child lighted up when a shiny penny was placed in a small hand. Now the child says, "What am I to do with this?" Penny loafers aren't around to claim a couple of pennies. Pennies from the tooth fairy are long past with the sound of coin replaced with rustle of paper. Lincoln's face is less and less recognized by children. George seems to be in the piggy banks that make no sound when shook.

Christmas cards are just around the corner. For the price of four stamps, I can buy a cheap card....if I'm lucky. Mail bags are a bit lighter with internet cards sent instead. The thrill of find a card in the mailbox will fade in time. Instead a card will be read then deleted.

Today I honor the penny that meant something to children when I was a kid. 

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