Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mother and Child

With my hands hidden beneath the blanket, I held my baby daughter so she wouldn't fall over during the photo session. I did the same for my son. Mom under the baby blanket holding up the wobbly baby.

I came across this picture recently. It is an old tintype. It is out of an album that was given to me....not family. However, the history of the 'early method' of holding a child for a picture is quite evident. This picture has given me a quite a few giggles. I feel lucky that I didn't need to cover myself with a blanket waiting for the photographer to take the shot.

I did a little research on tintypes finding that there is actually no tin in the aforementioned. The pictures were taken with a twelve lens camera and produced on metal, but the metal was not tin. And the negative type pictures are priceless.

I am thankful to have the tintypes recalling another day and age. Most of all, I love having this one of 'mother' and child.

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