Monday, November 7, 2011

Old Loxley Homestead

He ran to the trees where the tiger lilies bloomed. "Mom, it's here!"

I never knew my great grandfather Ben Loxley. From all of the stories I've heard of him, I'm not sorry that I didn't meet the man. However, I am always wanting to know more about my family (you probably already knew that). I've written about this before, but I though a 'before and after' might be fun.

 The old Loxley homestead is located outside of Bradford, Ohio. At that time, Grandpa Loxley was a prosperous farmer. I think he had as many acres as he had children. That's another story. At one time a lovely house sat back a lane in the middle of the acreage.

The house that we found had been burned down for the most part. Some of the brick walls were still standing. James and I walked through the house. This house that had seen the death of a woman and the birth of many babies. A house full of history. Some we would never know.   

I touched the bricks and thought, "This is a place of my beginnings, the place where my grandfather was a child."
James was checking out every inch of the house. The gaping hole of the old cistern sat in the corner of one room waiting to swallow whoever wandered blindly into the hole. Even though vines and plants had overtaken the house and trees pressed against its sides, the new growth could not erase the eeriness of this place. A place of unsmiling children.

I have a brick from the old homestead as do each of my children. Perhaps one day another will seek to find these ruins and another story will be written remembering an adventure into the past. A history lays hidden in the rubble......


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