Friday, November 18, 2011

Once Upon a Table

When the new kitchen came along, Mom and Dad got rid of the old dining set. The heavy furniture that had accompanied us our entire lives was gone.

We sat at the table. Mom and Dad at the ends of the table. I am sitting next to Pop Johnson. Cousin Camille sits next to him. My sister, Peggy is next to Mom along with my brother-in-laws, Paul and Bob. The old grandfather clock stood in the corner. A clock that once chimed 84 times when I came home from a date late one night. I know because Dad counted each chime.

The heavy dining room suit would find its way to a friend's house. The table I played beneath for hours would live somewhere else. The china cabinet that held Mother's favorite dishes would disappear. The room that had seen dinners with relatives and friends would turn into the master bedroom. All that was of our meals there would be gone. Well, not really.

I'm not sure if there was another table in the kitchen full of other family members. Camille's husband, Leonard is not evident, and I believe he was still living at that time. My sister, June, seems to be missing as well. I'm thinking there might have been some other Johnson's at the kitchen table. It seems like yesterday that this picture was taken.

When we sold the farm, I found the pair of shoes that I'm wearing in this picture in the old closet. They were a bit tattered suggesting that maybe some children had been playing dress up. They had been my favorite shoes with pointed toes and a wine glass heel. Of course, they had been new thirty-eight years before. The china now resides with my sister in Indiana, the clock is living with my niece.

For me? I have the best part of all.....I have the memories.


Spanish Pearls said...

That was great, Pam. Isn't it fun to go back through time, see, remember and smile? Love you. PS

Pamela Loxley Drake said...

You and I know what that history means especially when we are losing more and more family. So important to savor the memories.

Love you, too, my friend.