Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Savor the Day

We sat around the table. One of the few times our family would all be together for a holiday. I was expecting my first child. The year was 1971.

In the blink of an eye, time passes. The children once wiggling in their seats waiting for Grandma's good cooking are settled into their own homes and lives. The gatherings no longer happen where once the relatives abounded.

Each year I recite the same litany of the Thanksgivings when the Johnson's came to dine with us on Neff Road. Mom and Dad always hosted the event. The tradition went on for as long as Aunt Welma and Uncle Bob were around. I know that Mom and Dad must have felt the changes, the losses. Still those of us who sat around that table knew of Aunt Welma's butterscotch pudding and Betty's beans. Mom's pumpkin pies. Then men watching football, and the card table brought out for the yearly puzzling. We started with lunch and ended with dinner. Or, as they say in Ohio: We started with dinner and ended with supper.

No matter how much I want that same feel of Thanksgiving, I know will not happen. My children have their own lives, and there is no extended family here. Priceless are the memories of those Thanksgivings back the lane on Neff Road. Priceless were and are the people.

To you, my readers, happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy those around you. Make memories for a lifetime. Savor the tastes, the sounds. Most of all, embrace one another in love.

From Neff Road to you, God's blessing this Thanksgiving Day.

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