Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Smell of Horse and Leather

The wheels that got us from there to here. From the Johnson's to the Loxley's. From the farm to Greenville. From Ohio to Michigan. The wheels that carried generations of my family.

The romantic side of me would love to have lived in a time when horses were the mode of transportation. A sweet carriage ride with a young man. The smell of the horse, the wind in my hair, the creaking of the saddle. I was a little over one generation away from those day. My mother was on the edge of that day and age that was leaving Neff Road.

I love this picture of my great grandparents, Sarah and David Ernest, riding in the buggy behind this enormous, sway-back. I want to know more about the horse. Who is the young woman who stands next to the buggy. I want answers! I want to ride in that buggy behind that huge horse that only a little girl from Neff Road could see as a beauty.

Granddad Loxley loved cars. I remember washing his Edsel when I was a kid. He had one of the first and few of these cars that showed up in Darke County. My Dad stands next to a car that took the family on a trip west. A handsome picture.

With affection, I remember our old, black Packard. I was recently explaining to my granddaughter about riding in a car with the front seat a bench like that in the back.

"Three people could sit in the front?!" My how time flies.

The family wheels have a history. Again, it is the small things in pictures that we fail to notice. The history that sits in plain sight. From the wagon wheel to the Honda that sits in my driveway, the generations in my life saw them all.

The wheels beneath the buggy pulled by a white horse. The smell of horse and leather......

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