Monday, November 28, 2011

They Were Love

In memory of my parents who would have been married 76 years this year. In memory of two people who knew how to love not only each other but everyone they ever met.


Only my mother would be married in a dark blue velvet gown with strappy little heels and gold lame cap. She held yellow long-stemmed roses, her favorite. Her best friend, Lucy Beane, stood up with her while my Father's brother stood up with him. Willard, a man who fell in love with his bride when he was just a boy.

My parents struggled many years. They suffered huge losses. They faced death and illnesses. Yet, their love saw them through the worst of it and celebrated the best of it. 

It wasn't unusual to find Mom wrapped in Dad's arms. He kissed her and hugged on his way to the barn and on the way back from the field. He kissed in front of his children or anyone else who happened to be in the room at the time. Mom watched for her husband and smiled whenever he came into the house. They loved....and we knew it.

In their late years, they sat side by side on the sofa and watched Jeopardy. Dad held yarn while Mom crocheted. Every night they sat side by side. I remember once walking behind them through an airport. They were aging. Both smaller than the parents I knew the last visit. They walked holding hands just as they must have when they were children. Sometimes I wasn't sure where one stopped and the other began. They were always as one. 

Perhaps their love has kept me company all of these years. I always hoped to find that soul-mate, but it has never happened. Still, I am warmed at the memory of two people who truly understood what it is to love.

In memory of Mom and Dad, I send wishes of love to each of you. A love that encompasses all, that forgives all, that embraces the beauty of every moment.

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