Thursday, December 1, 2011

Banjo Mama

She stood in the snow with her fur trimmed winter coat and heavy stockings. A 1930's hat on her head, she looked a bit like someone from the flapper era. Young Mom and her banjo.....with hair longer than I ever saw on her.

I never saw my mom play the banjo even though one sat in the upstairs closet all of my life. I don't know why it never crossed my mind to ask if she would teach me to play. I look at the picture and wish I'd known Mom had this photo album, this album we found when we cleared the house. So many questions and she isn't here to answer them.

Why didn't she pick the banjo up again? Once in awhile she would do the Charleston for us. She always played the piano. I feel short-changed.

I think perhaps I would have enjoyed playing a stringed instrument, the cello, guitar, BANJO! My hands won't allow it any more...or any less.

A woman standing in the snow, banjo in hand. A woman of laughter and fun. A woman, my mother.

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