Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Deck the Halls

The sign in front of the church read:

Christmas Eve
Carols and Candles

A smile crossed my lips in remembering Christmas at Painter Creek Church where members sat in the pews singing to the top of the lungs carols that they knew by heart.....carols I still know by heart. Some sang out of tune. Some, like my mom, could belt out a carol heard above everyone else. The Loxley men sat in various places in church, so the mellow tenor harmonized and blended notes into lovely song. It was a time of family and joy. Past members came back to visit. Once playmates reunited. It was Christmas at Painter Creek Church.

I cannot go back home in memory at Christmas time without recalling Ludlow Falls. I remember standing between my parents, just a small child holding onto their hands. My checks burned with the cold despite the layers of pants, coat, hat and scarf wrapped around my face several times. It was a wonder to behold. A wonder that continued when my young daughter stood between her dad and mom holding hands and echoing the oooo's and ah's.

Arcanum wore the decorations on the lamp posts, and Greenville was light like snowglobe town. Christmas had come to Darke County and Neff Road.

Wrapped in the warm remembering, I greet another Christmas full of lights and sound. Once more with closed hymnal I sing:

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly.........."

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