Monday, December 26, 2011

New Opportunities

I wanted to wait until I had a chunk of time all to myself. I knew that conversations would be long. I wanted to savor every bit of them.

Over the years away from Neff Road, most of the Christmas phone calls were from the daughters who couldn't make it home for one reason or another. Mom or Dad would answer the phone. More times than not, someone was sitting at the kitchen table.

"Junior's here," Mom would say. "Do you want to talk to him?" Or...."Here's Betty," giving me no time for a response. Yes, we were in Mom's kitchen catching up with the neighborhood and old friends and family.

"Here, I'll give the phone to your mother and go upstairs," Dad always said when he answered. The three-way conversation lasted for a long time each of us settling in on an imaginary sofa that covered the miles between us. Each call was time well spent and a gift to my parents.

In looking back, I wish we could have made it home for more Christmases. I wish I had taken more time for those personal conversations we never had. Perhaps as a grandma, I would like to have those conversations with my own children. They have no idea how precious they are to me.

The presents are revealed. The paper is tossed and bows packed away sleeping until the next season. A few more pounds have been added to make clothing a bit more snug. Digital pictures sit in the camera. Leftovers will last a couple days more. It is a long time from Christmas to Christmas and a long way from yesterday to today.

A new year offers us a time to make changes. A year to make positive changes in our lives and better relationships with those we love. A new year perhaps should be called New Opportunities. I have gathered sixty-four New Years. I have many more to go. I look forward to the new adventures and deeper meaning to my life. May your days be blessed with new understanding and a year of opportunities.

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