Friday, December 30, 2011

Quietly into the New Year

No pans were banged. No fireworks lit up the sky. There was no horn blowing or confetti. New Years on the farm came quietly.

My parents always met up with the same group of friends for New Years. Good food and friendship saw the new year in. But most of the time, New Years came in quietly for the residents of Neff Road. The cows in the barn had no idea that a new year was taking place. Chickens slept and sheep pushed against one another in the barn making the floor look like a wooly rug. The dog was in the barn wondering why he couldn't sleep in the house. The cats were snuggled in the straw in the haymow. All was quiet on the farm as the new year came to be.

My sisters and I have often talked of how we didn't celebrate birthdays or other big events. Oh, we had Christmas to celebrate, but most holidays consisted of church and family dinner. We seem to all remember having a big 10th birthday party and that was it for those yearly happenings.  I'm not sure why it was that way. Mom and Dad never exchanged birthday presents and rarely Christmas gifts. Celebrations were not a part of our lives back that lane. I think perhaps this might be why we are so humbled when someone gives us gifts. We never learned how to receive.

There will be no noise this New Year. I will probably see it arrive then make my way to bed. In the morning, the day will be no different than the day before even if it is in the year 2012.

Quietly, I wish you a happy New Year, the same as if I were still living in the house on Neff Road. I wish you a new year of contentment and adventure, of receiving graciously the gifts that the new year will bestow upon you. Happy New Year, my friends.

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