Monday, December 19, 2011

Worth of the Journey

What is the worth of a history? Does it have a dollar worth? Is it worth a new best seller or a career in an already determined field? Is it worth anything to anyone else? Is it worth something to you? What indeed is the worth of your history?

I'm learning what my history is worth. As I lived it and heard about that parts that I didn't live, I didn't understand the worth it held. Yet as I age, I know the richness that my life back that lane on Neff Road added to my life. I have discovered a new pride in the past that my family lived. I am richer in soul for the life of this country girl.

By writing this blog, I have discovered that my history is one that others are interested in for one reason or another. Perhaps the memories are shades of their histories as well. Maybe it is a glimpse into a certain era, a certain way of living. Or, maybe people are bored and decide to stop in for a visit.

My history is rich because of my children. They will not have memories of my grandparents, my grandfather's farms. They will not know me and my sisters as children, young adults. My grandchildren will not know the life on a farm. They will not have the grandfather who takes them for a ride on a tractor or a walk in the woods. They will not walk out the door to see sheep, cows and chickens. Their history is rich. They should know it.

My history is priceless. It is unique to me yet part of the whole, isn't it? All of our histories blend together to hopefully make a better future. Histories for our future generations. Some day someone will be much as I am today reflecting over their past. They might wonder what it is worth. Maybe in looking a bit farther back, they will find a richness I have passed on, a look into a time that began my journey on Neff Road, my journey into their history.

Good journeys, my friends. The worth of the history from there to here is priceless.

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