Monday, January 16, 2012

I Had a Dream, Too

The riots of the 60's. The black community in chaos. The struggles of women in the workplace. A world in transition. A country at war. Neff Road was a long way from there.

I'm not sure that those who lived away from the cities truly understood the 60's. We lived in a fairly isolated world tucked in that black soil of Darke County. The house back the lane wasn't drawn into the changes coming, changes that never really influenced that area except for the loss of life in Viet Nam.

I worked in Dayton after high school. I saw the burned out cars and businesses. Streets were deemed dangerous and avoided. We held our breathe as we drove through places where riots edged their way towards  Broadway. We were on the fringes looking in. Our boys died overseas. Husbands and boyfriends were taken away to a land where war had lived long before the US set foot on its soil. The world of hippies and drugs was alive and well in the cities. Coffee houses, long hair adorned with flowers and fringe on vests became a first in our history. The farm was a long way in thought and distance from all of this transition of the 60's.

My sisters lived as youth in a time after the depression when things were different in the home. They were on the edge of change when they finished up their college years. A time of following the parents wishes was being challenged. I moved to the city to allow myself to change.

I think perhaps that part of my life molded present for me. I fought for my voice back then often causing a great deal of distress for my parents who didn't understand that I needed to do it. I found a me inside that had struggled through my childhood trying to have voice. The injustice I saw only confirmed the injustice I noticed when younger. The rawness of war sickened me and called more strongly for peace and understanding, for changes in mankind that did not involve a gun. My faith grew in different ways, those that felt right. I was a woman allowed to find my own way incensed when the 'old boy views' tried to keep me in my place. It was a time of change and freedom for me.

Changes have taken place. The good and the bad. More voices are heard. Many injustices have faded away while some still hang on. We are no longer the voice of the masses but, hopefully, the voices of the individuals. This individual would never have found her voice on this blog had it not been for the changes set in place long ago.

I have a dream was a quote that spoke the girl on Neff Road.

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