Saturday, January 28, 2012

Images of Mind and Senses

Funny the things you remember as a child. A bit of polish added here and there make some things seem better; however, pictures do not lie.

I spent the better part of my childhood playing in the barns. The old barn with the weathered siding and broken boards was my favorite place where imagination seemed to thrive. The corn crib with the summer view of the fields. The old garage with the red light flashing letting us know that the electric fence was active. The big barn with the swing in the mow. The brooder house that welcomed baby chicks. And the chicken house that held adventure everyday of human versus fowl.

I came across this portion of a picture that shows the old gate and chicken house. Funny how I had forgotten that the building was small....maybe because I was, too. I suddenly realized that it was the images of the past and not the reality that my mind embraces.

We farm kids are so used to the smells of the farms that we ignore them. Cow, sheep, pigs, chickens all have an odor of their own. Yet, we walked into the chicken house every day, watching where we stepped to meet the challenge of finding all of the eggs and gathering them into the egg basket. Every day a Loxley girl walked into adventure where all things worked together creating a past.

I realize this isn't much to read, but I sit here smiling remembering the feel of warm bunnies in the hutch. The feel of the hen sitting on an hand reaching beneath to capture an egg. The hot breath of a horse nuzzling a hand. The smell of sheep on a hand run though thick wool. The senses that pulled images together that keep us company long after the years of being part of a farm.

The memory of an old gate and a slightly well-used hen house cause me to revisit all that made...makes...the farm a special place where memories love to linger. A place on Neff Road.

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