Monday, January 2, 2012

Where Did it Take Me

"Don't you run out of things to write about?" I've been asked a few times. Well, yes, I do. Some days I seem to be brain empty. I lived on Neff Road for eighteen years. I cannot write every piece of my life during those days. But Neff Road is more than memories and a place on a map.

I have lived away from Neff Road longer than I lived in that white house back the lane. I grew up and had my own experiences and moved on away from my roots. I married, raised children and made a life far away from the home I love. Some memories went with me and some faded into the past.

So where did Neff Road take me after I left? Not the physical places I lived. Where did it take me?

Because of the compassion I learned from the people on Neff Road, the unbending love and support, I went on to work with kids at risk, to write social dramas to help families in pain. I took the exposure I had to people like Fran Snider and the community concerts we attended to go on to teach acting and to embrace music. The hard work we did on the farm taught me to work hard to do what I needed to do in my life. It taught me not to be a bystander but to be involved. My church taught me about peace. The church family and neighbors taught me about love.

Neff Road continued in my life after I left the farm. It came with me to Oregon where it still teaches me. It gives me a nest where I find peace. It gives a chance to write a blog, a love letter home.

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