Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Chapter

Lyle was the only child of Iva, the oldest of the Johnson children. Mom and Lyle were very close. She was just kid when he was born. He graduated from Monroe School. I didn't know that fact until someone posted this picture on the FM Facebook page.

Monroe Class of 1937 (taken 1933).
1st Row ~ Lyle Hunt, Eula Mae Miller, Arline Bluhalse, Ruby Werts, Alvin Cottrel, Lucille Shreff.
2nd Row ~ Nellis Middham, Mary Bess Beane, Mr. Darst, Robert Flory, Aureda Davis, Dick Shreff.
3rd Row ~ Naomi Galindo, Pauline Werley, Ralph Aukerman, Ciril Welbaum, John Shoemaker, Paul Besecker.
Lyle went into the service after graduation. He was on landing at Iwo Jima. The boy became a man the hard way.

Lyle married Betty and moved into a little house on the same square of land where my parents, my grandparents and my aunt and uncle lived. Often I stayed with Betty and my cousins while my parents worked in the fields.

Whitey (the dog), Sharon, Lyle Wesley, Me

I love this picture for several reasons. Our dog was young then. Mother's laundry was hung on the line. I remember the day well, but did not realize that I was missing a tooth.

Bob and Welma, Betty and Lyle, Mom and Dad
I don't remember my parents and my aunt and uncle at this age. Lyle and Betty are as I remember. They were friends as well as relatives. They had their difference, their problems, yet hardly a day passed that they were not in contact. It was the way of Neff Road. No one called ahead. No one felt put upon if a child was left with them. It was family.

I often wish I was older, so I could have known these people at a different time. I wish I could have been more than a child interacting with them. But I don't have that luxury. I have the pictures to tell the stories. The memories the older generation shared.

Life is a story, and I am blessed to be a storyteller.

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