Monday, February 6, 2012

Absolutely Dashing

Pop Johnson is the fourth gentleman from the left in the back row. His wife, Mom Johnson, is below to his right. I sat with a magnifying glass trying to find their children among the primly dressed young men and women. I have seen pictures of the white haired man on the right. This is a picture of family on my mother's side....just not sure which part.

The location is a question as well, but my guess is that it is either the Fair Grounds or a church (double doors). This may become one of my favorite photos with the women in their finest hats and dresses. Men dashing in their suits. Not a poor family. Indeed not.

This picture tells a story of little ones taking care of little ones. A loving father sitting on the ground with his son. Dapper young men, and boys with attitude. The girls and women wore their hair off their faces in braids or a bun. Bonnets, frilly hats, stiff Katies and caps. No doubt this is a family reunion.

The music of My Fair Lady rattles around in my head.............

What a smashing, positively dashing spectacle: The Ascot op'ning day.

On A Grandparent's Voice: Camera Rolling

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