Thursday, February 9, 2012

In the Headlights

I opened the blinds this morning. I was literally the deer in the headlights. Well, in reality, I was the deer in the deer's eyes. She stood staring at me. I stiffened and didn't move an inch. We were locked in a staring match each afraid to blink.

Often I have talked about the deer I had seen in Michigan when a child. Later we would see deer on a regular basis when living in Wisconsin. The beautiful white tail deer perked up ears and, with a look of surprise, managed to give us a few seconds to glimpse beauty before it dashed away. I savored every moment of this rare encounter.

"They eat my plants," my friend and landlord informed me. Well, this morning they were eating her plants, and I just watched. Two more deer were standing right outside the window of my bedroom on the lower floor. I could almost touch them.  I was delighted.

I was taught about the awe and wonder of nature. I sometimes think that even if I'd had a dad who didn't embrace it all as he did, I would still be the same person. A child is born embracing those things of wonder. It is our environment that introduces other ways of viewing the world around us. I was a lucky girl.

The deer finally decided that I was harmless. And, I am. She continued to eat my friends plants as I continued to watch from my window.

We should all look outside of our windows. We should all be awed first thing in the morning.

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