Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Man. An Experience.

Aunt Bessie was married to Uncle Sam Fisher. Saying that Uncle Sam was a character doesn't seem strong enough to capture the true essence of Uncle Sam. He was the perfect match for my lively aunt.

I learned about cussing at a young age. Little came out of Uncle Sam's mouth that wasn't colorful. I heard works I'd never heard before. Words I wouldn't be say much less repeat. Yet, Mom and Dad sat listening to him not blinking an eye.

Many times we sat in the kitchen with Aunt Bessie cooking and Uncle Sam telling fish stories. Black coffee filled the cups and laughter filled the room. A lifetime of history came to life with sister's sharing stories and reminiscence of other fishing trips to Ludington, Michigan.

The White Birch Inn sat on Lake Hamlin which was located on the other side of the dunes from Lake Michigan. Aunt Bess and Uncle Sam rented cottages and fishing boats. We were never at a loss for something to do and every day was a fishing day.

Dad cleaned the catch of Sun Fish, Perch, Blue Gill and Catfish. Aunt Bess rolled the fish in cornmeal then fried them up in the cast iron skillet. The small kitchen in the back of the Inn was full of life. Some of the sweetest memories of a small girl away from the farm.

I came across this picture of Uncle Sam in a batch of pictures I recently received. I don't remember Uncle Sam this young, but I love the picture.

We should all have a White Birch Inn and a colorful aunt and uncle. I know because I can't sit here and write about them without a silly grin on my face and a deep love in my heart.

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