Monday, February 27, 2012

Of, By and For

I decided that all politicians should be 'qualified' for their positions before they campaign and have participated in the following in order to qualify for current positions. There are rules.

Political Mandate:
  1. 1 month living under each of the same conditions as their constituents. Those in the following categories: unemployed, on food stamps, unemployed and not receiving benefits, social security, disability, living on street, etc.
  2. Each politician will permanently be on an HMO along with all constituents.
  3. Politicians will renew their licenses to be a politician every two years. If they don't renew, they are fired and cannot collect unemployment.
  4. Politicians will be investigated yearly for sources of financial backing and associations with anyone seeking their own end through aforementioned politician.
  5. Each politician will live up to their promises or be sent to a time out serving their constituents for a year in social services.
  6. No politician can make foreign policy without having served the people in poverty stricken countries for one year.
  7. All politicians must take a test at the end of each year that will be graded by the public. If they fail, they must double all time sets in the above and take a cut in pay.
  8. All pay grades will be set by the people they serve. No increases or benefits can be increased by the people who will benefit from the aforementioned.
  9. All increases in spending will be approved by the people who will 'pay for it' in the end.
  10. No media sources can take sides in political campaigns. They must report unbiased facts.
  11. We the people will take an active interest in the people we have 'hired' to serve us, serving for the people, by the in a country of the people.
My thoughts of the day.

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