Friday, February 17, 2012

Pass It On

My granddaughters complained: "I will be fifteen when the twins are five." "I will be twenty when the twins are ten." A gap. Cousins years apart.

"Girls, you will be like aunts or big sisters to the babies. You can baby sit for them. You can teach them."

"What can we teach them," Gabby asked.

"Pass on what I have taught you," I said. "You can teach them about nature. You can talk to them about things they don't know. You can be very important to them by spending time with them."

My father never told me to pass it on. He never told me that I might want to show my children the wonders he showed to me. And, in all honesty, I'm not so sure that I did spend that much time with my children as my father did with me. Yet, as a grandparent, I now know what a gift I had from all I learned from Dad.

Sure, it's a new twist from the ways I learned to love nature. I no longer live on a farm. I no longer live where the creek runs by and woods hides adventure. We have nature parks. We have treed yards full of all sorts of flora and squirrels.

My father left a wonderful heritage to me. It would be selfish for me not to pass it on.

"Can we make nature collages?" Gabby asked.

We walked the neighborhood picking up lichen, beautiful leaves, pine cones and moss. With glue, we fastened them to a paper plate in beautiful arrangements. Our collages were given as gifts or kept until they fell apart....or ants crawled out of them.

Yes, we will make nature collages....collages of generations learning from one another and passing on the gifts of the earth....from grandchild to grandchild.

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