Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Siblings

The children posed on the porch. Iva the oldest, Bob the next child, followed by Bessie. Children born before my mother came along. Three children bonding. Three children learning the ropes living with their parents. Three children. The first of born of John and Mettie Johnson.

 Bessie and Unknown standing. Bob and Iva sitting.

We miss something, we youngest kids. We miss the childhood fun our older siblings enjoy together. We miss being part of the memories. Our lives will be different because of family placement and the change in times. We will be the youngest kid as long as we live.

 Mettie, Bob, Bessie, Iva, John

Mom came on the scene long after Bessie was born. Iva was a young lady by then. They were rebellious children. Their lives would be colorful. Their adventures would be much wilder than those of my mother. Mom loved Dad and would never leave the soil of her birth.

 Mom, Bob, Bessie

Despite the age difference, Mom was close to her siblings. She idolized her brother when she was growing up. Her sisters adored her. Then Iva died. Died too young.

The Johnson family was a colorful family creating wonderful stories. The four Johnson children were all very different and lived very different lives. Yet that bond that happened on that farm on Yount Road held until the last passed....when the youngest died.

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