Monday, March 19, 2012

From Buggy to Stroller

Grandbabies will be joining our family this summer. Yes, babies. A boy and a girl. Something new for our family. This morning I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and began to laugh. I had a little conversation with Mom.

"Hey, Mom, we're having twins," I said. "Wouldn't you just love it?!"

Oh, yes, she would love the idea of two little great grandbabies coming to visit. Knowing Mom, she would invite the entire county to come to the farm to see them. She would probably dig out the old stoller which also doubled as a baby buggy. It was the buggy June rode in when she was sick and the one that probably carried each Loxley girl.

I came across an old picture mixed in with all of the pictures called "unknowns". The buggy is so lovely. I can imagine a mother in her long dress, wearing a beautiful hat, pushing her child down the sidewalk greeting those she passed. (Perhaps I have watched too many movies.) My Aunt Esther had a doll buggy that resembled this one. I imagine that my parents had been pushed in such a buggy. Grace and beauty of another era.

Mom would chuckle at all of the bells and whistles on stollers today. A cup holder, a cell phone holder, a parent pack, seats that can face all directions except down, strollers for two babies, a place for everything and everything in its place. Then, you can even buy more accessories. Hm.

I think perhaps Mom would tell me something I already know. The best accessory, in fact the only one needed, is a beautiful baby. In our case, two. Well, Mom, I know you are sending them to us with your blessing. I know I will greet them as I did when Gabby came onto the scene. I will kiss their downy heads and say, "Mom, I know you already kissed them. Now its my turn."

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