Thursday, March 1, 2012

From Page to Page

So I moved from the Senior Page to the Commentary Page. Perhaps I am no longer a senior. Perhaps I really do have something to say. Perhaps there was no place else to put the column with the new changes at the Advocate.

I'm not sure where my senior page has gone. Heaven only knows that newpapers need advertisers. Small papers go under every day. The Advocate has tried to keep up with the times becoming more progressive. A new look for an old paper.

I have two concerns. First of all, I think the Senior Page is a vital page of the paper. There are many who do not have computer skills much less have access to one. Seniors need to know that they are a vital part of a community. Those living in retirement and health facilities need to know that the community still wants to include them. It seems the older we get we feel we are thought of less. It is important to have articles that pertain to aging and things that seniors can do for entertainment. Retirees finally have time to do more. They are more than likely a part of a growing active family. They want to be informed on how to be part of their children's lives. We are living longer and live younger lives at an older age.

Neff Road (Darke County) is changing. Companies are moving in which is a real blessing for the economy. Yet, we are a people who have clung to our deeply embedded farm roots. We are interested in how to raise better crops. Excited when a new type of tractor comes up on the market. We love our small town shopping and stores that have been part of the landscape for decades. There are fewer and fewer pods of small communities across the map. They are indeed a treasure. Progress should ignore the roots that have held this community together.

So I'm now on the Commentary page. I think I just commentated. I'm not sure how good I am at it. I think I like Neff Road history better. Hm. I wonder if anyone will find me since I've moved from Saturday to Tuesday. Hm. I wonder.

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