Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Hallmark Moment

It is a little known fact that I have the gift gab. I love people and find that I have a lot to meet before I meet my Maker. Never do I miss an opportunity to add someone new to my life, to cross them off the list of 'unknown people' and add them to the 'now I know them' list.

"Welcome to Hallmark," I said with my usual greeting. Policy: Welcome customers into the store; Check on them regularly; Be friendly. Well, with my previously mentioned gift, this all comes easily.

"Are you finding what you need?" I asked.

"I'm looking for a card to send to Ohio." Hm. A look of shiftiness sneaks out from behind my pleasant facade. Shall I go for the straight attack or sneak attack.

Sneak attack: "Ohio? What part of Ohio?" I asked with a casual interest. She hadn't caught on yet.

"Dayton," she replied

Straight attack: "I grew up outside of Greenville!"

"I know that area!" she was catching on quickly now. "I grew up in Kettering and went to Wright State."

"I went to Wright State!" I shared, losing all control of the conversation, let alone my job. "When did you graduate from high school?"

"1965," she answered with enthusiasm.

"So did I!" I exclaimed. "We would have been there at the same time!" We had moved on from the customer/sales associate relationship into a Buckeye moment.

"My husband went there, too, until we moved out here."

"When did you move to Portland?!" the gift of gab was really paying off.


"Me, too!"

Oregon is a long way from Ohio. Yet I found Neff Road right there in the birthday card aisle of the Hallmark store. I'm having coffee with her and her husband next week.

Two more people off my list and a bizillion to go. "Hi, welcome to Hallmark....."

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