Saturday, March 10, 2012

Posed for Posterity

He sat upon a bronco. Arm in the air and riding for his life. Well, so I thought when I was little kid. I'm sure my family had their chuckles watching me ooo and ahhh over the picture, wondering how Uncle Bob could stay atop that wild horse.

My father sat upon an ostrich. (Wonder how he got up there?) As a little kid, I didn't blink an eye thinking that my dad sat upon the large bird. The bird seemed content. Obviously, the bird was in the hands of a handler. (so I thought back then). Little did I know that if the bird were alive and took off running, Dad would be in the next state before they caught him.

It's not nice to fool a little kid. My uncle, the bronco rider, wearing a white shirt and slacks was my hero. Dad sitting upon a wild bird seemed to fit with the Hollinger side of the family. But that exotic side of adventure was not to be. I'm not sure where these photo shots were taken. Not sure if the creatures were stuffed or some realistic creations. But a little girl had her dreams of following in their footsteps.

I sat on my horse. I ran over a bird with my car. Hm. Again, I say, "Hm."

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