Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Awakening

I am in great need of spring. Trees are budding. Today I smelled daphne on the air. I didn't need a sweater to go outside. Spring is in the air....I want it to stay.

I didn't really think about the change of season when I was growing up on Neff Road. One just passed and another came along. Usually it was marked by the crops either going into the soil or coming out of it. With the passing of one grade to another. With the wearing of off/shoes on.

A fat frog began croaking last week. I'm sure he is calling for a mate. One croaking frog isn't too bad; however..... Oh, yes, when he finds his girlfriend things will change. The smell of fresh mowed grass will fill the air. Pollen will make my nose run and will cling to the screens. A hummingbird has already found the feeder. Soon its friends will come to visit. Spring is in the wind.

I would like to be back on the farm about now. The birds would come back to the feeder. Dad would be sharpening the plow. Baby lambs would be chasing one another and their wooly mothers.  I wish I was back on the farm.

Perhaps we count our years by the changing seasons. How many winters we have seen. How many summer sunsets. Perhaps we count the passing time by the memories of a warm spring sun calling to a sleeping earth, calling her awake once more. Perhaps spring calls me back...back to Neff Road.

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