Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Recreation

The creek that ran through our farm also ran through my grandfather's farm. I was afraid to walk along it as a kid after we found a very long garter snake slithering on the creek's edge. The same creek where my father was raised saw his daughters raised as well.

Grandmother Loxley wrote this poem. A poem about a mother and her daughter, my Aunt Esther.

Sunday Recreation

'Twas a lovely afternoon on that quiet Sabbath day--
Just the kind to make you stroll and dream the hours away.

My little daughter and I walked slowly side by side
Down along the rippling stream whose banks were green and wide;
There we stretched upon the moss in a shady little dell,
And the treasures that we found were more than I can tell.

First, a great big spider wove a web straight up and down
And built a silver ladder from heaven to the ground;
Then a squirrel that we called "Zacchaeus" shyly watched us from a tree,
But when he heard us call, scampered away so hastily.

Then we spied a bug skimming o'er the water's top--
We named it "Peter", who tried the same, but made a flop.
The arched trees above us had more beauty to behold
Then Solomon's temple with all its beaten brass and gold.

There we watched, wondering of the mysteries round about,
And of the One Who gave to each an all-important part.

----------------Ethel H. Loxley

I want my grandmother's writings to see the light of day once more.


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