Friday, March 23, 2012

This LIttle Piggy Went to Market

This little piggy probably did go to market and didn't go home. I am a country girl. I know where little piggies went.

A mention on the news caught my attention. Neighbors were complaining about air pollution from the dairy farm. Air pollution. Oh, we are becoming a country of city folks. I sometimes forget that not everyone lived the rich life of a farmer. Some kids never see pigs and cows. Some people never know the smell that goes along with them. "Good 'ol country free air," Dad would say.

At work yesterday I sold two oinking stuffed toys. We also have a basket of little oinking pig flashlights. Everyone loves the oinking pigs. I guess I should have paid more attention to the sounds enjoying them a bit more when I was a kid. Still, I am getting my chuckles from these people enjoying their pigs.

Isn't it sad that kids don't know about farm animals, that it takes an artificial pig to teach the sounds of the farm? Oh, now we have city farmers. Several of my friends are raising a few chickens so they can have fresh eggs. Roosters aren't allowed in town and some places do not allow even the hens. Yet on occasion I hear a squawking hen. And, I can drive down the street to the farm store, on the edge of town and pet a baby chick.

What has happened to the small farm where a few cows hung out in the barn. Sheep grazed in the barnyard keeping the grass mowed down. A coop full of chickens kept the eggs rolling and fresh meat on the table. Maybe I write this blog to keep alive the rich past that is indeed becoming more 'past' all the time. Maybe I write this in order to preserve memories that will pass when my generation of farm children passes, too. Darn it, we had it good.

I must confess that I do on occasion make a stuffed pig oink or a purple chick peep. I like an instant visit home. Sometimes I even dance with a dancing chicken. Oh my, time to quit confessing.

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