Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another Spring

Spring comes, and I am once more a little girl waiting for the lambs to be born and mushroom season to set in. Today we will hang with the lambs.

A friend of mine recently told me that a local business has baby bunnies, ducks, chicks and lambs. Sweet spring babies. I definitely need to stop in for visit.

For every spring since I've been writing this blog, I have talked about baby lambs. Perhaps that is one of my fondest memories of the farm. I didn't remember my grandfathers having sheep. So baby lambs were a treat to the girls who grew up on Neff Road.

I was delighted when I looked through the old pictures sent to me when my cousin passed and found this one of Mom feeding the lamb a bottle. This picture of my mother with her nephew, Leon. The baby lamb brought several questions to mind.  Mother never talked about liking sheep. Maybe she didn't. I'll never know. The barns look to be those of Pop Johnson's, but there again, I don't remember sheep on that farm.

When Dad brought home the two small lambs, we were thrilled. We hadn't been around sheep. This was a new experience....or was it?

I love this picture. My mother loved her nephew, a relationship that lasted their time together. Learning about Mom as a child is only possible now through pictures. There are no others who remember. Perhaps this bit of writing will preserve a little more history for the generations of children to come. A small profile of a wonderful woman.

It was another spring.

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