Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Little Peeps

Little peeps. They came in big boxes that had holes on all sides. Some were punched out so the little peeps could get air. Brenda and I pushed the little plugs in then stuck our fingers into the holes. The little birds would peck at the appendages invading their safe domain.

It was an exciting day on the farm when baby chicks arrived. The brooder house had been cleaned with the warmer in place. Brenda and I would never give over our little playhouse for anything less than new chickies. Dad removed the top of the box. A few chicks were strong enough to hop from the box. He allowed Brenda and I to take the remaining chicks out and to move them to the warming hood. The brooder house was full of flying chicks and the smell of baby chickens.

With Easter coming, I'm reminded of the time spent with those baby chicks. They didn't stay small for very long and, with their growth, our interest waned. The sweet downy bodies were replaced with prickly quills of new feathers. The little pecks turned into nasty ones. They would soon leave the brooder and go to the chicken house.

Maybe Easter was more special for us with the baby chicks and little bunnies that grew up on our farm on Neff Road. The spring lambs chased their mom's across the barnyard. It was a time of new life, a time of celebration.

Almost makes me want to go to the feed store and get a couple of chicks.....almost.

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