Monday, April 2, 2012

New Look for an Old Blog

I've been playing around with blog I'm sure you can tell. I decided that I needed a new look that presented more to the reader. I love the way this style shows the pictures of my home and the people on Neff Road. By tabbing through the bar at the top, you can see a variety of pages. I hope you like this new look of Neff Road.

Changes. We all go through changes except for many who refuse to change. Changes were essential on the farm in order to produce better crops. Finding methods for better yields. Purchasing equipment to make the task of the farmer easier and giving the farmer opportunity to increase his property. Changes were essential as with any part of life. Move forward or be left behind.

I learned creative thinking on the farm. Looking for new ways to make life easier. It was a great day for Mom and Dad when the microwave came into the kitchen. The deep fat fryer was long gone and health got a boost. The farm was tiled in order to drain off the excess water that stood in the fields when rain was insistent. Changes.

There a chance of being left behind if we don't adjust and change. I think perhaps our brains agree with us either way. They agree that they can't change or they agree to accept challenge. I decided to tell my brain that we were accepting challenge today. We are moving from the old format into a more updated look. We are leaving the apron behind and wearing skinny jeans.

I hope you find this change pleasing. I hope you continue to find your way to Neff Road.

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