Monday, April 30, 2012

The Notebook

Social media has opened many doors of communication, not just that between old friends. Sometimes it reaches out to even those who still use a horse and buggy for transportation. Sometimes reaching from the beyond. Always adding surprises to my life.

Janet, my friend and neighbor from Neff Road, and I keep track of one another on Facebook. A couple of weeks ago, I got a message from her that another neighbor (Janet) had an old notebook of my mother's that she wanted to send to me and needed my address.

How exciting! I could not wait to receive it. The small package came. Inside was little Royal Note Book that had been my mother's in the 8th grade. It was Book Two. I was thrilled because I have Book One. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember that Mom had given Janet the book for her kids to learn history for inside this note book were Mom's history notes.

Some of my favorite questions and Mom's answers:

Give duties of the Mayor of a city:  keep streets clean, watch people from wrong, fire escapes are kept clean. (I not sure if this was literal.)

I stole a horse. Is it a civil or criminal case: Criminal case (Mom did not steal a horse.)

Give the laws regarding the speed of automobile:  35 mile an hour (Highways were 70 when I was a a young woman driving to Dayton to work.)

What is our gasoline tax: 2 cents on every mile (I imagine that gasoline was not much more than the tax back then.)

The last president she listed was Calvin Coolidge. It was another time. My mother was young, a school girl. Times have changed and so to has Neff Road.

Janet sent a short note along with the book. Her son and his wife own the house back the lane. The circle of life. A young family living in my once home. She told me that now a cute calf, a dog named Toby and a new puppy, Lucy, are sometimes in the yard along with a roaming piggy. She gave me this notebook, but even more, she has given me some time back home again.

We have come a long way from a speed limit of 35 and president named Coolidge. The country has change as well as the home on Neff Road. I received a gift in the mail. I received a memory.

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