Monday, April 9, 2012

The Thread

They were the last visitors to the house before my father passed. Old friends with whom many a birthday was celebrated. Helen had been married to my cousin Lyle long before I was born. They divorced. She later married Joe. Their home was always full of laughter and fun. When they came to visit, they brought the fun with them. Helen and Joe were family.

I had lost track of them years after the death of my dad. Distance takes a toll. Sometimes the toll is friendship. I decided to try to track them down late last year. I made a call to a once boy, now man, named Barry and introduced myself. Before long I had another call from his sister. I had not seen them since they were children. Jo Ellen, whose birthday was a day behind mine, caught up with me. It seemed that once again I was in the embrace of home and wonderful memories.

I received an email from Helen on April 4th. She passed on April 6th. I don't know if she read my reply. With her goes, too, the last to who remember my mother's family. One who knew my grandparents and the rest of the Johnson children.

For those of us who are blessed to find pieces of our past and those people who were part of our lives, we are given a beautiful gift. Perhaps someday someone will seek us out. That thread that ties us together is truly strong and a gift to those of us who grab hold of it.

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