Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A May Morning

Grandmother holding Uncle Keith, Uncle Harold, Daddy, Grandad
Today it seems like a good time to post one of my grandmother's poems. I believe this is one that was published. A sweet reminder of a grandmother I never had the chance to know. A May morning with my Grandmother.

A May Morning

A bright new day now greets our eyes
With rosy tints and dewy sunrise;
The silver lining has a sun-kissed rim
And its chalice of gold is pure within.

The hand of God has wrought it with care,
It's filled with moments, precious and rare;
We touch them once, then He takes them away
And keeps them so ably against that day.

Will we trample it down and ruefully say,
"Oh, it's just another live-long day?"
When we'll wish so much we had it back
To use those moment we so woefully lack.

No challenge is greater the whole world round,
Than the challenge of sunrise, at our doorstep found;
No comfort is sweeter, no blessing so rare
As a challenge fulfilled and left in God's care.
                                                      ---------Ethel H. Loxley

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