Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pizza the Appian Way

A conversation today began with a comment from my boss about his mother making pizza at home. She spread the dough in the bottom of a rectangular pan. It was a family favorite every Friday night.

Junior Shuff was like a son to Mom and Dad. He was a regular at our house during my entire lifetime. He often brought surprises when he came. One such surprise was a boxed pizza mix. None of us had ever tasted pizza. Mom for probably the first time in her life read the instructions. About 30 minutes later we had our first addictive taste of pizza. From that night on Mom stocked either Appian Way or Chef Boyardee Pizza Mix in the pantry. Sunday nights usually meant pizza.....and Junior.

Those box mixes were just the first step into our pizza history. My sisters and I sat at the pizza place in Arcanum a few years ago waiting for our pizza. The Loxley girls had come a long way since those days of boxed pizza. It still seemed to draw family together.

I tried to find the history of when the first pizza mixes hit grocery shelves. I didn't do very well in finding the information. However, I think we weren't to far off the mark when Junior brought that box of pizza mix into the house back in the 50's. I think he loved doing these little things just to watch the Loxley family experience new things.

I learned to love pizza the Appian Way. Now I go the Papa Murphy's way.

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