Thursday, June 14, 2012

Box of Cards

I opened the box from my sister knowing that whatever it contained would fun. I couldn't wait until my birthday to open it. I was not disappointed for in the box were little treasures that over time she had gathered for me.

A fuzzy lamb was the first thing to greet me. A note fastened to the stuffed toy read "Pamper". Of course, Pamper was my pet lamb on that farm back that lane on Neff Road. My new grandbabies will play with this little lamb when they come to visit, and I will tell them about my sister June.

She also included a few other items that were so typically her. Our gifts to one another have turned from practical to fun. I was supposed to have my birthday and Christmas presents for the rest of my life when I received a leaded window from her a few weeks ago. She repairs old, broken windows preserving them for those of this generation to enjoy. This was indeed a box of surprises.

"Did you open the cards?" she asked when I thanked her for the box.

A few years ago June sent a 'birthday' deck of cards to me from Key West. The cards had pictures of sea shells on them. My granddaughter Gabby loved to match the cards with the shells in my basket of shells collected on our Oregon beaches. With this new deck of cards, June had given me another opportunity to share nature with my grandchildren in this deck of wildflowers. I pulled the cards out of the little box. A business card fell out with them. She had indeed given me a wonderful gift. My deck of cards were from The Apple Barn on State Route 571.

"I thought you would like them," she said. Indeed I love them. Another trip home came in a little box from Angola, Indiana.

Ah, I love birthdays.

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